Educational Zombies

matt sutton:

I can admit that I have a affinity for most things zombie. Walking Dead, check. World War Z, check. 28 Days Later, yup. I can even wrap my head around the first three Resident Evil movies just because there are zombies. I think the ideas and stories behind them are filled with more intrigue and play with our thoughts better than vampires. All that being said, the fact that doctors in Iowa are using it as a learning device to draw kids into science is great. They are making the all important connection between real-world (cultural) and education/science. Well done.

Originally posted on zombielaw:

University of Iowa epidemiologist Dr. Tara Smith and her colleague, neuroscientist Dr. Greg Tinkler spoke about the Zombie Apocalypse, this past weekend at the Marion Public Library.

Dr. Smith wrote about the event today at ScienceBlogs: “Using zombies to teach science”:

Why zombies? Obviously they’re a hot topic right now, particularly with the ascendance of The Walking Dead. They’re all over ComicCon. There are many different versions so the “rules” regarding zombies are flexible, and they can be used to teach all different kinds of scientific concepts–and more importantly, to teach kids how to *think* about translating some of this knowledge into practice (avoiding a zombie pandemic, surviving one, etc.)

Sounds like it was a successful event:

We ended up with about 30 people there: about 25 kids (using the term loosely, they ranged in age from maybe age 10 to 18 or so) and a smattering of…

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I'm elementary special education teacher. Everyone has different learning styles and as students and teachers we've got to make it all fit together. I surround my students and myself with technology every day in hopes that we all learn more effectively. The most critical point for (any) student learning is their engagement in material. There is not limit to what that entails which is why it is so important to keep everything an option. Teaching students is a constantly moving target and we can't limit our resources. I also don't like frogs.
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